4:00am, 3/3/15

Street corners and
entry steps unexpectedly populated with wide-awake citizens. The 24-hour
Starbucks seems to double as a homeless shelter, its all-bar seating
half-filled with sleepers, while the other half maintain a dazed stare in no
particular direction.

A young couple
stands out with their darting eyes and skittish energy as one huddles in a
corner behind a trashcan. The girl stands and watches him between suspicious
backward glances, one hand stroking her opposite arm. They trade places, he
dizzily passes items to her before he tips and finds a column to hold him up.

Outside, a man on a
closed business’s doorstep raps to the streets: “I am legendary!
I-S-I-T!” Two doors down, a flaming piece of sidewalk cardboard warms one
hand, while the other swipes a brush, painting on another square.

‘San Francisco’, Ash
on cardboard, 12″X10″

By Michael Siemsen

Dedicated to composing only the highest quality nonsense.

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