April 2015

Who Should be in an Exigency Movie?

When I first began writing The Dig (years and years before it actually came out in early 2011), my visions for the characters’, both physical and personality-wise, came from specific people I either knew personally, or from movies/TV. As some of you know, Matt Turner was originally a 19-year-old, and so Ethan Embry from Can’t Hardly Wait fit perfectly. Nowadays, even with Matt aged up to 25, this might not be the best casting decision.   Tuni, originally 25, now 31 in The Dig, was my high school friend Paula Patton (who had yet to become famous). Flash forward more…

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EXIGENCY Audiobook Announcement

A couple days ago, I mentioned some HOLY $H!T news I’d received about the upcoming Exigency Audiobook Edition, and now I can share it with you. First, a little back story … For those who haven’t read Exigency, or who may not have caught on to some of the book’s underlying themes, I wrote the story with an odd rule in mind: With regard to gender decisions, whatever my initial instinct chose, I would do the opposite. By and large, the Science Fiction publishing world has an ongoing problem with sexism—from the stories told, to the business itself, awards, and…

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Return: Book 3 of the Matt Turner Series release date and pre-order links

Return arrives June 5, 2015 Pre-orders for all eBook types are live NOW After a few fits and starts, pushed release dates, impenetrable writer’s blocks, other books cutting in line, and general home and business busyness … hey! Business … Busyness … There’s got to be a connection there. Oh, sorry, I’m easily distracted. What was I saying? Right! RETURN: Book 3 of the Matt Turner Series has finally arrived. Well, preorders have arrived, and a firm release date has been set. As always, you can find all of the links to the e-tailer sites (Amazon, B&N, etc.) on my website,…

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