RETURN: Book Three of the Matt Turner Series update

Woe is I. It is with heavy typing fingers that I compose this post.
Despite many a pitfall and unavoidable mishap, I had hoped to release Return before Christmas, but alas, it will not be so.
While the final draft is near complete, and my last-minute substitute editor has been making decent progress, the book is definitely not in a condition I’m ready to hand over to all you lovely people.
Further, while I’d love to be able to announce a firm new release date, that would be the 4th firm release date announced for this book in the past 18 months, so I must wait until it is truly firm and “in the can”. We’re not talking months away, mind you, it’s still very soon, and there will be a pre-order up at the e-tailers that offer such things, but this is definitely not going to go live in the next couple weeks.
My apologies, I thank you once more for your patience, and I hope you find—once the day finally comes—that this book was worth the wait. It is definitely the biggest, most research-intensive Matt Turner story to date, and, I like to think, the most fun, thrilling, and heart-filled, as well.

Best wishes for the holidays to those who celebrate, and stay tuned for more updates in the new year.

-Michael Siemsen

By Michael Siemsen

Dedicated to composing only the highest quality nonsense.

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