AHAHAH—wait, Breaking Bad toys were at Toys R Us?

Breaking Bad action figure banned from Toys R Us
A Florida mom got enough signers on a Change.org petition to pressure Toys R Us into pulling a line of Breaking Bad toys from the shelves.

I’m sure there are plenty of “bad message” toys still on those shelves that people could point to and say “How is this acceptable?” and we could do that all day. As a boy (yes, still) I can speak from experience that the coolest toys will almost always be the ones that concerned moms will abhor. We want badasses with guns and giant beastie things with movable jaws that can rip open the stomachs of enemy beasties with Real Gore Action with refillable Funtrails™ Brand Entrails!

All that aside, some things are no-brainers as far as formal complaint magnets go. So I’m kind of curious who (and this “who” would’ve had to be more than a couple people) thought it’d be a good idea to stock Breaking Bad action figures at Toys R Us? Weird.

But I do like Heisenberg’s response:


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